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Handyman Services Kendall

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Handyman Kendall

If you’re looking for an affordable handyman service here in Kendall, FL, Handyman Services Kendall has just what you need. Whether you require plumbing services, AC repair, electrical installation or maintenance, floor repair and installations, drywall repair even full kitchen remodeling, we can help.

About Us

We are proud to serve our community here, helping people keep their homes safe and in good order - and working on those bigger remodel projects which allow homeowners to really create a property they can relax in. Our team can draw on the skills of specialist contractors where needed, and we only work with trustworthy partners and high quality equipment and products. If you need a friendly handyman you can rely on in Kendall, FL or beyond, get in touch today!

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    Our Services

    One of the key benefits of calling in a handyman service is that we can be flexible and work across various aspects of home maintenance and repair. That means there’s not much we haven’t tackled in the years we have been operating! There’s a broad outline of the main services customers ask for here - and more detail on the dedicated website service pages. However, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we would still be happy to talk through your needs and help wherever possible. Schedule a home visit to get a quote, or talk to a member of the team for more information. You’ll find all you need about our low cost, friendly handyman services, over on our contact page.

    professional plumbing services expert
    Plumbing Services

    Leaking faucets and old toilets can waste water and increase your utility bills. But they’re usually jobs you can’t tackle yourself - and so they get ignored. Whether you have a small issue that has been pushed to the bottom of the to-do list - or need new bathroom fixtures installed, we can help. We are also on hand for more urgent call-outs if you have a sudden leak and need someone to come and carry out repairs on an emergency basis. Give us a call today.

    professional ac repair services
    AC Repair

    Without a fully functioning HVAC system, the home can be a difficult place to be. It’s hard to relax when your AC is leaking, making loud noises, or simply doesn’t work so the family starts to overheat! AC units are built to last but do need regular maintenance - our team can help with scheduled maintenance and repairs when things don’t look right. Talk to a consultant to see how we can help you, by calling the number on the contact page.

    professional electrical services expert
    Electrical Services

    Even small electrical jobs are not to be done without expert training and experience. Homeowners should simply not take risks when dealing with any sort of electrical installation or repair - which is where we can help. From installing light switches or a new ceiling fan to repairing an appliance that has developed a fault, our skilled contractors can do it all. Contact a team member by phone or online for more on the electrical installation, maintenance, and repair services we provide.

    professional floor repair and installation
    Floor Repair and Installations

    Changing the flooring in your home - to install laminate or tiles for example - is one of the most effective ways to freshen the place up, and make your personal mark. Our team can help with the installation of a range of flooring types, as well as the repair and maintenance of laminate, wood, tile, and linoleum floors. Ready to get a new look for your home? Learn more about our affordable floor repair and installations services by calling our reliable team today.

    professional drywall repair services
    Drywall Repair

    Drywall can develop cracks, and be damaged by damp, mice or normal wear and tear. And having a busy family home, with pets and kids can also mean your drywalls suffer more than most. The good news is that drywall can often be repaired and refinished so you’d never know there was a problem in the first place. If you need drywall repairs, check if you’re covered by our Kendall, FL service area - talk to a team member today to learn more.

    professional kitchen remodeling services
    Kitchen Remodeling

    When our clients are moving into a new home, the first place they often want to renovate is the kitchen. For many families, this is the place to relax and hang out - a functional space for everyone. Making it suit your family, offering the right storage, appliances and space is crucial. Our team can help with remodeling and renovation of the kitchen, so you can have the room to relax. Call us today.

    Contact Handyman Services Kendall

    ​If you’re looking for handyman services in Kendall, FL, get in touch. Our team is available to talk through projects and offer advice, and can come to your property to assess and provide a free no obligation quote for any work you require. You’ll find our details over on the contact page.

    “I’m happy to recommend Handyman Services Kendall for plumbing and other jobs around the home. We have called the team in a few times over the years, and they are always helpful, friendly and fairly priced!” HB , Kendall, FL

    “Handyman Services Kendall fitted our new tiled flooring with no mess, and a courteous service from start to finish. Pleasure to work with, and we will be in touch if we have more renovations to do at a later stage.” PL, Kendall, FL

    “I found Handyman Services Kendall by accident when looking online for a handyman near me, and I am so glad I did! The help we had when we first moved in, from laminate installation in the living area, and home theatre hook up in the basement, made all the difference to helping us settle in our new home. Next on the plan is kitchen remodeling, and we will be calling the team in again for that! ” DS , Kendall, FL