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About Our Team

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Want a handyman service that is experienced, affordable, and friendly?

Look no further than Handyman Services Kendall.

We know what it’s like when jobs around the house start to mount up. Between the pressures of work and family, it’s hard to get round to fixing that faucet or tiling the kitchen floor. And that’s not to mention the renovation projects which require specialist skills and equipment, like plumbing installation and electrical repairs.
That’s exactly where we come in. If you have a home you love but which needs a little attention, you need a handyman.

No matter whether you require plumbing services, AC repair, or you have had problems with your electrical appliances, we can help. Other services include floor repair and installations, drywall repair and kitchen remodeling.

Whether you’re looking for someone to step in and complete those little jobs around the home that you don’t have time for - or you have a bigger project in mind like a remodel or renovation, you’re in the right place. With years of experience, and a helpful and experienced team, we have the skills, knowledge and equipment to tackle any work around your home, from one off repairs and scheduled maintenance to larger scale refits.

Our service area covers Kendall, FL and the surrounding area, with handyman services which are always professional and carried out to a high quality finish. Make an appointment or talk to an experienced member of the team, by visiting the contact page of this website.

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