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AC Repair

affordable ac repair services

In our climate, having a functional AC system is a good way to make your home a more pleasant place to be. However, HVAC systems do need regular maintenance to make sure they are operating as they should, and to ensure energy consumption and performance don’t suffer. Some tasks can be undertaken by a homeowner, but it’s easier, more reliable, and usually more effective, to call in professional help to carry out rroutine AC maintenance and repairs.

Let us help with your home air conditioning units. Have someone come to your property to give an estimate for the experienced, friendly handyman services you need, today.

AC troubleshooting

Sometimes customers are not sure whether or not they need help from the team at Handyman Services Kendall with their AC. Maybe it’s just starting to seem like the air conditioning doesn’t work so well, or maybe you’ve seen a spike in your electricity bills lately, but you’re not completely sure if the AC is to blame. Call in the team to take a look and diagnose any issues with your AC, so you can go on enjoying a pleasant ambient temperature, and don’t need to worry about the costs mounting over time.

AC maintenance and repair

Handyman Services Kendall is able to help you keep up with the regular maintenance needed on your AC units, to make sure they last as long as possible. Regular maintenance tasks include work on the unit’s filters, coils and fins - cleaning or replacing filters, cleaning the evaporator coil and condenser coil, and keeping the coil fins in the right position. We can also check the refrigerant, make sure the mechanics of the motor are functioning well, and make sure the thermostat is correct. Our team is on hand both for regular maintenance and repairs when something goes wrong - just get in touch to let us know how we can help.

Why worry about AC maintenance?

If you don’t look after your AC, you’ll likely find that the performance of the unit diminishes over time. At the same time you might find that the cost of running your HVAC unit goes up, as it struggles to function because of a build up of dirt or faults. If your AC is not working well enough to reduce the humidity in the home - as a result of a blocked drain for example - the property will suffer, as humidity can cause mold and mildew, or discolor the walls. And of course, if your AC fails because of a lack of maintenance you’ll face the double issue of coping without cooling, and paying to buy a new AC unit. Don’t risk it - keep your HVAC system in good condition, and catch the issues while repairs are simple and cheap.

Our AC repair service

Handyman Services Kendall delivers a professional and friendly handyman service including a range of AC repairs and maintenance jobs. If you’re worried about the performance of the AC in your home, we can help diagnose and repair issues, and are also available to take the routine tasks of AC maintenance off your hands. That means one less thing to worry about, and might also keep your AC unit running well, for longer.

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