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Drywall Repair

affordable drywall repair service

Drywall, which you might also call sheetrock, plasterboard">gypsum board or plasterboard - or green board in the bathroom - can be damaged through normal wear and tear, thanks to an accident or through moisture or infestation. Getting your drywall fixed is usually a relatively easy task, although our helpful team can also advise if drywall is beyond repair, and needs replacing.

We are here to help with drywall repair and replacement, and can also diagnose the cause of the problem if you’re unsure. Issues like excess moisture in the home can mean there are other problems that need to be addressed to avoid repeat damage in the future. Let us assess the drywall damage, repair it and find the cause so it doesn’t happen again.

Why is my drywall damaged?

The truth is that your drywall can be damaged in any number of ways. The team at Handyman Services Kendall has been involved in drywall repair where the damage has been caused by moisture or settling cracks, as well as normal wear and tear from having kids and pets around. We have also helped out when the wall has been damaged by people playing darts in the games room, or where door handles have damaged the drywall over the years. Whatever the cause, the solution is simple - call in our professional team to repair and refinish the area.

Drywall repair services

Some drywall repairs can be carried out by the homeowner. Covering nail holes or small scratches, for example, can be a small job with limited risk. However, for any larger issues or if you’re not confident doing it yourself, get a professional in. We can cover holes and dents in drywall so you would never know they were there using professional techniques and patching as needed. However, if you’re going to cut into drywall, you need to exercise extreme caution because there may be electrical wiring beneath the boards - don’t take any risks when working with electricity. Call our team if you need help.

Drywall finishing

If you’ve installed new drywall or have a patch added to cover a hole, you’ll need to think about the finishing to make sure the repair is invisible. Drywall finishing involves adding a layer of tape to cover any joins and then carefully applying drywall mud to cover and smooth out the surface until you would never know there had been a repair at all. The job is a skilled one and takes a lot of patience. Getting a professional in to help can make it easy, and make sure you have a beautiful finish ready for painting.

Our drywall repair service

Drywall can be damaged in any number of ways. You don’t have to put up with holes, dents, scratches, or nails stuck in your drywall, though. With a little professional assistance, you can get your home back to rights in no time. We will also always look to find the source of the damage if it is unknown, including looking for moisture problems or infestations, so you don’t need to worry about more damage occurring in the future. Find out more about the full range of drywall repair and other handyman services we offer in Kendall, FL, by heading over to the contact page and giving the team a call.

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