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Electrical Services

professional electrical handyman services

Installing and repairing electrical appliances and fixtures is not something a homeowner should take on alone. It’s dangerous and can result in injury and damage to the home if done wrongly. A poorly wired light, for example, can pose a fire risk and put everyone in the home in danger. Our team can help take the worry away, with experienced and qualified support for all manner of electrical services and installation.

Obtain a free no-obligation estimate with just a call or message. Full details of how to get in touch with the friendly team at Handyman Services Kendall, on the contact page

Installing and replacing electrical appliances

If you’re renovating your home and need an electrical installation, get in touch with Handyman Services Kendall. Maybe you’re turning the basement into an entertainment center and need a home theatre to hook up and TV installation. Or perhaps you’re looking to brighten up your living area with some new light fixtures or want to install dimmer switches into the nursery. These are all things we can help with. Get in touch for light switch installation, new sockets, ceiling fan installation, or if you want a smoke or carbon dioxide detector added to your property.

Electrical repairs and maintenance

When things go wrong with your electrical fixtures and appliances it can be frustrating. Maybe you have a socket that doesn’t work or a light fitting that has been incorrectly wired and doesn’t work consistently. Perhaps it’s a problem with a washing machine or ceiling fan. Handyman Services Kendall can help. Get in touch for support with repairs to the fixtures and small electrical items around your home, so you and your family can get on with life as normal.

Why do I need a professional handyman to help?

Dealing with electricity is a risky business. It’s not a good idea to try to carry out electrical repairs or to install electrical fixtures yourself. Even changing a lightbulb can be tricky, if it is in an inconvenient location in the home. Don’t risk getting it wrong. Badly wired appliances are a risk - users could get an electrical shock, or you could cause a home fire through incorrect installation. Call in a professional with experience in installing and repairing common electrical items around the home. You might be surprised at how cheap it is to get peace of mind.

Our electrical services 

The range of electrical services we can offer is broad, from fitting and repairing light switches, sockets, timers, and dimmers, to installing ceiling fans, TVs, home entertainment systems, and light fixtures. Over the years we have done it all. Learn more about our helpful premium handyman service in Kendall, FL, today. Just head over to the contact page to get all you need to arrange a home visit and a free no-obligation quote for the electrical installation, repair, or maintenance you need.

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