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Kitchen Remodeling

affordable kitchen remodeling services

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many of us. It’s the place the family meets, homework is done, dishes are washed and everyone can relax in a peaceful and comfortable place. However, if your kitchen space isn’t working for your family - or if it’s just a little tired or dated, a kitchen remodels might be a good choice. Usually, we find that kitchen renovation is great value for money because families spend so much time in the kitchen, and they get to really enjoy the new look. Our team is able to help with most aspects of a kitchen renovation project, from installing a new ceramic tile floor to new cabinets or light switches, and plumbing in appliances. As we have a multi-skilled team you won’t need to worry about calling in multiple experts - just leave it all to our crew.

New flooring installation

Handyman Services Kendall can install a new kitchen floor - or make repairs to the existing flooring if that’s your preference. A tile or linoleum floor would be a popular choice for the kitchen as a hard-wearing and easy to clean surface for an area that must be durable and stand up to many people passing through every day. Our team can help you choose the right tiles for your space, and install your new floor at a time that is convenient for you. We always minimize disruption to your normal routine as far as possible, try to avoid dust and mess spreading through the home, and clear up our mess when we leave.

New cabinets and worktops

Adding in new cabinets - or even a custom-made kitchen island - can be a great way to increase the storage available in your kitchen, making it easier to keep tidy and organized. Even a simple repair and refinish on existing cabinets and cupboards can make all the difference. Our team can help with this, and also fit new worktops in laminate, wood, marble, stone, and more to allow you to really make your mark on the kitchen. Call the team from Handyman Services Kendall if you’re looking for ideas and advice about how to improve your kitchen and make the most of the space that is available.


Installing a backsplash is a smart way to stop the kitchen from getting dirty over time, as they are usually made from materials that are easy to clean. You can choose a ceramic, stone, or glass tile, steel sheet, or even a specialist paint that has been designed for kitchen and bathroom use, and which resists moisture, and is easy to clean. By fitting this above your countertops and stove, you’ll be able to keep the kitchen clean easier, reducing your workload significantly, as well as protecting the fabric of the building.

Our kitchen remodeling service

Kitchen remodeling is a big job but can also be extremely rewarding. You’ll get a space you and your family can really relax, and with a smart remodel you can also increase storage and make your kitchen much easier to keep clean too. From new cabinets and worktops to electrical and plumbing services and a whole new smart tiled floor, our team has the skills and experience to help. Don’t leave without looking at our contact details, on the website contact page, so you know how to get in touch to talk through your remodel project.

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